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Mark Johnson

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1) If you could have designed one football shirt from history what would it be?
Holland 88’. I love the pattern/design on the shirt. How good would it be to see the team win a major trophy in your design.
2) An old design you are proud of
Ian Wright 8 - Featuring a series of his Arsenal shirts mashed up into one design. You may have seen this on MOTD when they filmed at his home during lockdown.
3) A recent design you are proud of
Brazil 94’ - 2214 nails / 589m of cotton / 85cm x 100cm board. Creating the classic shirt as string art.
4) Someone else’s design you love (in the football world)
Scott McRoy’s latest designs for EA Sports/Playstation. One of my personal goals is create a piece to go on a wall some day.
5) Someone else’s design you love (outside of the football world)
 Daniel Arsham - From his large scale drawing to his 3D sculptures. He’s a designer I look forward to see what he will create next.
6) Question you would like to ask the next designer interviewed? 
If you could redesign any football crest which one would it be and why?
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