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8 Bit Football: Matheus Toscano

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1) If you could redesign any football crest which one would it be and why?
I would redesign the crest of the Swiss national team. Having lived there for a short period, I have much respect for the country and the team. However,  when I owned a Swiss national team shirt, it just felt that something was missing there. Switzerland is so naturally rich and diverse and I think their football crests could reflect some of these qualities. 
2) An old design you are proud of
Higuita's scorpion kick will always be one of my favourites. It is an icon doing an iconic thing.
3) A recent design you are proud of
Adriano in Internazionale was a legend in video games, I always wanted to picture him in pixels, so doing it brought me a lot of fun.
4) Someone else’s design you love (in the football world)
I really like how Omar Momani can portrait the essential features of football players in such a simple way. Here is a very good example:
5) Someone else’s design you love (outside of the football world)
The way in which Octavi Navarro can express stories in pixel art fascinates me. I always look at his images as a source of inspiration.
6) Question you would like to ask the next designer interviewed? 
What is it that gives you inspiration to keep doing what you are doing?
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