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About Our Prints

The Goal Hanger
Our infographic prints celebrate iconic sporting moments throughout history. Covering football, tennis, rugby, cricket, golf and snooker. Think Sergio Aguero's last minute Premier League winner, Andy Murray's winning Wimbledon forehand or Ben Stoke's ridiculous World Cup 6. The perfect gift for sports fans; celebrate your favourite moment of all time by hanging it on your wall. Requests are available, please get in touch or order here: REQUEST A GOAL

Fancy Seeing Your Own Sporting Moment in Print?
If you cannot find what you are looking for we can provide a bespoke design service. Whether this is a Premier League goal which makes the memories flood back, your favourite player's best moment or simply a superb effort by yourself down the park on Sunday. Get in touch and we can provide a personalised poster just for you.

Our Prints
Our posters are sold in either A3 or A2 on 250gsm silk paper. Delivery time is usually 5-8 working days (for UK mainland). We aim to have poster requests ready and delivered within 2 weeks.

If you require anything other than the specifications listed above then please get in touch and we will see what we can do.

How to Read Our Football Prints
All the information about each sporting moment is built into the designs, mapping out how each sporting moment happened. A key in the bottom left of each print shows you how the moment played out, the colours are picked from the kits worn or competition colours and the background (in the case of football) show where the ball entered the goal. Lots of other information is also embedded into each design. From a distance the prints should just look like a piece of abstract art but as you read them you can decipher each sporting moment and how they played out. 

If you have any questions about how to read the designs please feel free to get in touch:

Design Protection
The Goal Hanger is a trademarked brand and protected by law. The designs and method of protection are also protected under copyright law.