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Stephen Glass: Watford v Burnley 2003


My Favourite Goal From Chris Stark.

For one of my favourite ever goals I wanted to remember one that may have got lost in the archives of FA Cup classics. This was a time where Watford FC had struggled behind the scenes for a few reasons, hovering around mid table, but went on an extraordinary FA Cup run. For me personally it was my first time enjoying an FA Cup run like it. Ray Lewington was in charge and the team was full of players I consider legends, Chamberlain, Ardley, Cox, Gayle, Robinson, Helguson, Smith amongst the squad. I’d save up my money to go see Watford play every week and we would listen to the cup draws for each round at school. 

This game you can just about see me in the tv coverage behind the goal, when Stephen Glass scored this amazing free kick. Me and my best mates Doogzy and Webbo celebrating so hard as we progressed to the semi final. I’ve been so lucky to see so many amazing Watford goals, but for The Goal Hanger,  I wanted to remember one of my favourites personally. 10 minutes from time Helguson was fouled outside the box, Stephen Glass (on as a substitute) stepped up.  From where I was sat I could almost see it go in before it did, everything about it was perfect. The rookery went mad, Watford went through to the semi-final and that bit of all of our lives was so exciting and hopeful. Sadly it wouldn’t go on to be our year but I look on that FA Cup run of 2003 as an amazing memory for me and my mates. 

Chris Stark is a Watford fan who can be found on BBC Radio 1 / BBC Radio 5 Live / DJ / That Peter Crouch Podcast. @Chris_Stark

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