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Jasse Tuominen: Finland v Liechtenstein 2019


Our infographic football posters map out iconic sporting moments. Hang the moment Jasse Tuominen scored for Finland to set Finland on their way to the Euro's on the wall - the perfect gift for any Finland football fan.  

Goal Story from Riku Auvinen

Finland. Nice. Country, or is it part of Russia? Do they still have Polar Bears? I guess Monty Python likes them, don´t they? 

Let me tell you a story. On the 29th of November 2019 Jasse Tuominen scored a goal that made the difference. Why, you might ask? Jasse did something that no one had done before. Jasse´s goal took us to the Euros for the first time ever. How good is that?   

Quote from Jasse Tuominen:

I do remember the actual shot, but after that it went black. It was just mind blowing,  

So, what do I have to do with this? Nothing, I guess. But let me tell you my arty friends. I´ve been in every home game since 1998 (and some aways as well). I´ve suffered, I´ve cried, I´ve drank myself to sleep. But when Jasse put that ball in the net on the 29th of November 2019 all the pain was gone. I was free, whole country went mad and we still are! What a night, what a goal! 

Ok, you might think that we are just a small and shitty country from the North. Keep believing in that, but do not be surprised if something else happens during the summer…

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