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Ibrahim Sangare: PSV v Ado den Haag 2023


Our infographic football posters map out iconic sporting moments as art prints. Hang the moment Ibrahim Sangare smashed in the a 170km/h rocket for PSV on the wall - the perfect gift for any football fan.

Frame not included.

Chosen by Alex Stewart as his favourite goal:

People who work in football data and tactical analysis often develop an affection for certain players, players they spot early on in their career and hype until it becomes a source of amusement or irritation for everyone else! Ibrahim Sangaré is that player for me, someone I made videos about when I worked at Tifo, and someone whose combination of passing, carrying, and defensive ability stood out in the metrics immediately.

But football is also about joyful moments, moments of skill and power and fun. And this goal combines those things for me. Sangaré arrives onto a deft backwards pass at pace and hits the ball with unstoppable force. It’s a wonderful goal scored by a wonderful player and one for whom I have special place in my spreadsheet.