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Connor Jennings: Tranmere v Newport 2019


My Favourite Goal. Words from Nigel Adderley @nadderley

I didn’t want to commentate on the game as doing your team in a playoff final isn’t easy but talkSPORT offered it so me and I was persuaded to do it by my mother. My dad - who took me to my first game aged two - had passed away six months earlier and she said he’d want me to do it and do it well. It was an awful game which Newport should have won and I was convinced Tranmere were able to lose on penalties when our one fluent move of the day lead to the goal. I held it together to deliver the moment and just about babbled through the remaining seconds. Then Mark Saggers took over, congratulated me on remaining neutral throughout and said my dad would be proud of me. I then burst into tears..

Frame not included.