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Man Utd Champions League: Treble Heaven


Having led the 1999 Champions League Final for 85 minutes, Bayern's players must have been starting to think the trophy was going back to Deutschland. With the 90 up, Man Utd were handed a lifeline in the form of a corner, which Becks lined up. Schmeichel galloped his way forward. With the ball whipped in towards the penalty spot, the big Dan caused all sorts of confusion. After a scramble the ball fell out to Giggs, who struck it towards goal. Teddy Sheringham stuck out a big toe and prodded the ball home. Elation! ...but they weren't finished yet. With Bayern still reeling, United were awarded another corner from the same side deep into stoppage time. Again Beckham delivered a textbook cross which was flicked on to the back post. Waiting there was super sub Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who flicked the ball home into the roof of the net. The final flipped in an instant. Bayern won the 90mins, United won the title. Series of 3 prints showing all goals during this game.

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