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Steven Gerrard: Liverpool v Man Utd 2003


My favourite Goal from Roopa.

Ask any Liverpool fan of my generation who their all-time favourite player is and nine times out of ten the answer would be “Steven Gerrard”. He secured that title with me in 2003. The Millennium Stadium hosted the League Cup Final between Liverpool and Manchester United and I had no idea what I was about to witness.

I was 6 at the time, with my United-supporting brother and his friends, about to see my first ever football match. My memory of it is a little hazy, I hardly knew what it would mean for the fans to beat the Mancs and win the trophy - all I could think about was the bragging rights I’d have at home.

A long-range shot from Gerrard (with a slight deflection off David Beckham) was the first Liverpool goal I experienced first-hand. Right there and then, I fell in love with football, I fell in love with Liverpool Football Club and I fell in love with Steven Gerrard.

As far as first matches go, I think I smashed it. A final against our biggest rivals ending in a 2-0 win, with a wonder goal from Gerrard, in one of the best stadiums to host a final. Unreal.

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