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Alan Shearer: Newcastle v Everton 2002


Our infographic football posters map out iconic sporting moments as art prints. Hang the moment Alan Shearer smashed home a volley for Newcastle against Everton in 2002 on the wall - the perfect gift for any Newcastle football fan.

Frame not included.

Chosen by Kristan Heneage as their favourite ever goal:

Everyone that’s played football, be it professionally or on a Sunday morning in the park, has wanted to score a goal like this.

It’s a goal littered with beautiful little details that make it my favourite. Firstly, it’s headed back to Alan Shearer by Shola Ameobi. Two local lads combining. Then there’s the fact it arrives at Shearer out of nowhere. If you watch the goal again, he’s not expecting the ball to land in his lap, and that makes his response instinctual.

From there, it’s as pure a strike of a football as you’re likely to see. The power he generates is frightening. I also appreciate that it loops up over the goalkeeper. There’s something very satisfying about that.

The fact the commentator cries ‘Shearer’ as he strikes it never fails to makes me smile. I can think of friends who’ve done the same thing during a kick-about. He was the one you wanted to copy, and this is why.

The last detail about this goal that makes it special for me is that I know exactly where I was when it happened.

I was with my family in our living room, as was the tradition from the days of Kevin Keegan and the Entertainers. I can still see my dad jumping up, my mum applauding, and my brother running around the room.

As I get older and life changes I cherish those days a lot more, and whenever I see that goal and hear that cry of ‘Shearer’ I think back to those days. It’s a lot more goal, and those are the ones that mean the most to us.

Kristan is a football writer. Started in County Durham, now in New York. Seen on CNN, the Guardian, iNews, and others.