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Nicolas Anelka: Arsenal v Newcastle 1998


Our infographic football posters map out iconic sporting moments. Hang the moment Nicolas Anelka sealed the 1998 FA Cup final on the wall - the perfect gift for any Arsenal football fan.

Selected as his favourite goal by beau_the_beard:

I was 7 when we scored this goal, and it was the first year I can look back on and remember clearly, and this goal summed up how good Anelka was for us that season. We had a great season in 97/98 but this goal will always be my favourite memory from it.

On a personal level it was the start of watching football with my Nan and 24 years later I’m still doing the same thing! My Dad is a Spurs fan so It was always me and the old girl watching the games, and this was the first time I got to watch a final with her, and the first time I saw the importance of the FA Cup, and Ive loved the competition ever since.

97/98 was a great season for football, Arsenal done the double, the World Cup was amazing, but for me there’s nothing better than a young Anelka running in behind in the famous red and white, and me getting to celebrate with Nan.

Frame not included.

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