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Luciano Becchio: Leeds v Millwall 2009


My Favourite goal from Conor McGilligan.

My favourite ever Leeds United goal would be Luciano Becchio’s goal against Millwall in the League One Playoff Semi Final. It didn’t turn out how we wanted it to, but the atmosphere was absolutely electric, and the fans were baying for a return to the Championship. I remember walking to the stadium with my dad and the nerves were shattering.

Leeds had a very turbulent season, but you could tell in the stadium how terrified the fans were of losing out. The goal was in slow motion. Ben Parker charging down that left-hand side and putting a delightful ball in, only to be met by the Argentinian wizard Luciano Becchio. I had never seen my Dad lose himself that much when a goal was scored and grown men were kissing other men, I had never seen anything like it.

Becchio did a knee slide right in front of me and was mobbed by Snodgrass and Beckford, under the lights it was almost a Champions League atmosphere in the third tier of English football. I remember walking out of the stadium deflated after the final whistle but still completely numb by the celebrations after Becchio’s showstopping opener at Elland Road.

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