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Lucas Torreira: Arsenal v Tottenham 2018


Our infographic football posters map out iconic sporting moments. Hang the moment Lucas Torreira scored a superb winner for Arsenal against Tottenham on the wall - the perfect gift for any Arsenal football fan. 

Frame not included.

My favourite goal story from Laura Kirk:

Over the years, for me The North London derby has become more about ‘not losing’ than actually winning the game, and so I’ve found myself enduring such a sense of fear that I’m unable to enjoy the occasion whatsoever. I wasn’t fussed about Arsenal until I was 15.

My first shirt, shockingly, was a Chelsea one, picked by a 5 year old me as I didn’t want a red shirt like my brother (an avid Arsenal fan, and the main culprit in the subsequent disappearance of that Chelsea shirt a week later).

It wasn’t till I developed an obsession with watching both broadcasts of Match of the Day each week that I truly started following. Becoming an Arsenal fan perhaps later than most has meant I have always been keen to make my own memories of this club.

The Invincibles, that Bergkamp turn, those 5-2s against Spurs, are all iconic moments in the recent history of the club, but not ones I ever experienced as a true Arsenal fan. The 2018 North London derby is my very own iconic moment. It had it all – the obligatory Kane penalty, a fight, a red card, and an Arsenal comeback.

I will never forget Lucas Torreira, sliding on his knees into the corner flag nearest me, as we bundled into hysteria in the stands. If ever I need cheering up, it’s highlights of that game that I’ll be watching on YouTube.