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Kieran Trippier: England v Croatia Free Kick 2018


Our infographic football posters map out iconic sporting moments as art prints. Hang the moment Kieran Trippier smashed home that free-kick on the wall - the perfect gift for any England football fan.

My favourite goal: Words from @andershoffman

It was the beautiful summer of 2018. So full of life, of spine-tingling excitement. Not just for me, but for football too, as its World Cup would end up being one of the most sensational ones that has ever been played. As a tournament, for as momentous as it is being played every four years, for as much buzz as it has, it can many times prove to be a grind. Special, but filled with grit. This time it was different. It flowed, it happened with ease, with stunning harmonies. 

Just like what was one of the best goals of the tournament. The one that poignantly captured hearts, the exciting possibility of England winning it all. Gareth Southgate’s team had arrived rejuvenated, with a pep in their step, but far away from imposed expectations of winning. And then it all started to… happen. All the way to the semifinal. Where the also ecstatic Croatia awaited. An already brilliant tournament for both, whether they were to win it or not. And then, a foul, a free-kick, Kieran Trippier stepping up.

As with any free-kick, you “dismiss it”. Not totally, but you know deep inside that he’s not going to score. And still, Trippier struck. And it went in. Elated, everyone marvelled – before it ended up being just not quite enough to win. Still, something about it makes it hold to this day. A goal that encapsulated England’s unexpectedly magical summer, their progress, their reaching for the stars. It did not win them the World Cup, it was a loosing goal, but no other was as awe-inspiring as that one.

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