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Keith Houchen: Coventry v Tottenham 1987


Words from John Motson.

John Motson is a legend in the commentary world, commentating on over 2000 matches, but which has he ranked as his favourite?

Goal #2

I commentated on the FA cup final for the BBC 29 years with 5 additional replays. So I did the FA Cup for the BBC 34 times. You have to remember that it was the only live game shown in those days during the season, so it was great honour. By 1987 I’d become an established cup final commentator, and when Coventry beat Tottenham 3-2, Coventry’s Keith Houchen scored one of the best diving headers I had ever seen. He threw himself full length and if I’m not mistaken that made the score 2-2. Coventry went on to win the cup, the only time in their history.

I’ll always remember at the end of the game Jimmy Hill had persuaded every Coventry player to make the long walk from the pitch to the TV gantry, which in the old Wembley was a long way up, and they all came in and we interviewed them all. Normally we would go down to the tunnel or dressing room. But Jimmy had persuaded them. A year earlier Keith Houchen was watching the FA Cup final in a working men’s club in the North East. So it was a million miles away from 12 months earlier in what happened on that day. I’d put that game down as the most entertaining cup final of the 34 I commentated on both in terms of football skill and excitement.

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