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Karen Carney v Finland 2005



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Euro Memory from Nancy Frostick.

This goal from Karen Carney in the 2005 Euros is a perfect example of her qualities as a player as well as the pure joy of scoring for your country at a tournament. Carney was only 17 years old when she scored this goal, in the last minute of the game against Finland in a home tournament to ensure England won the match and you can see that in her celebrations - the kind that every kid has practiced in their mind. The turn, dribble, through ball and then speed of thought to latch on to the rebound is the sort of thing Lionesses fans grew accustomed to seeing from Carney but this is one of the early times we’d seen it from her. At the time it felt like the home tournament could be the start of something and in many ways it was - this goal market the start of a move to a fully professional league and England entering the national consciousness. With the next women’s Euros set to be hosted in England again, it’ll be chance for a new generation to have their Carney moment which is one of the most memorable in Lionesses history and my favourite ever Euros goal.

Frame not included.