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Harry Kane: Tottenham v Arsenal 2015

My Favourite Goal from Nathan Clark.
Few of my favourite goals are solo efforts like long shots or lengthy dribbles. I much prefer team play, interconnection and the impression of telepathy. But my favourite goal is only a little from both. Instead, I love this goal because of what it very clearly represented in where Spurs were headed at the time.

I love this goal so much I never watch it, because in my mind it is perfect, not to be besmirched by video reality.

In my mind, Nabil Bentaleb picks up the ball deep in the left back zone. In my mind, Bentaleb leathers the ball with his laces and every fibre of his being way up above and ahead of Harry Kane. In my mind, Kane leaps, 14, maybe, 15 feet into the air, in doing so dismissing Laurent Koscielny as if a small child. In my mind, the shot, after it glances gently of Kane’s gleaming forehead, sales through the air for an age, curving and dipping and curving and dipping. In my mind, David Ospina had all the time in the world but there was nothing he could do, brought to his knees by the sheer wonder of the shot, as the ball gently lifts down and in, kissing the frame of the goal on both the post and the crossbar.

Nathan Clark is Football Analyst. @TheExtraInch Podcaster/Editor. Spurs Fan.

Frame not included.