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Harry Kane: England v Tunisia 2018


Our infographic football posters map out iconic goals as art prints. Hang the moment Harry Kane grabbed a late winner for England at the 2018 World Cup on the wall - the perfect gift for any England football fan.

My Favourite Goal: Words from Ross Whittow-Williams COO of Copa90

A true turning point for England. The game itself was unique and experienced in-person by so few. Impossibly hard to get to and the few England fans that made it to Volgograd were met by a subdued and eerily empty town, a steamy evening and swarms of bugs everywhere. Everything about it felt entirely inhospitable - the type of place where England teams crumble. For 90 minutes it felt like ’same old England’ but at the death, when Harry Kane flicked-in Harry Maguire's flick-on, it felt like 20 years of pressure was lifted in an instant. In that moment a 'new England’ emerged - freed from the shackles of the ‘golden generation’ and with a renewed sense of belief, resilience and purpose. I’m convinced that it was the momentum of that goal that led the team all the way to the semi-finals that Summer, giving birth to a new attitude and relationship between a nation and its national team. I was possibly one of the closest England fans in the world to that header. Front row. Behind the goal. Single-digit yards away. On the TV replays i'm stood right there when the net ripples in slow motion. A blessing to have been so close to, and a part of, that moment. I think about it often. I’ll never forget it.

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