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Troy Deeney: Watford v Leicester 2013


Our infographic football posters map out iconic goals as art prints. Hang the moment Troy Deeney finished off that break for Watford to secure their place in the 2013 Championship play-off final - the perfect gift for any Watford football fan.

Frame not included.

Chosen by David Cameron Walker as his favourite ever goal:

It’s the most amazing sequence of football I think I’ve ever seen. Not just in terms of the significance of it being a play-off semi-final but there are so many moments in the chain of events leading up to the goal, and if any one of them had been misplaced by an inch it wouldn’t have happened Let’s go through them

1). Manuel Almunia looks for all money like he’s not going to save the penalty rebound, he’s moving SO slowly after saving the initial strike but somehow he gets a paw to it and pushes the ball to safety, igniting the crowd.

2). The ball goes straight into the path of the man who’d given the penalty away in the first place, Marco Cassetti, and he just aimlessly hoofs it away. A proper up and under with no thought to where the ball will end up.

3). Thankfully it drops out of the sky right onto the boot of Ikechi Anya who exquisitely controls it with an absolutely immaculate touch before setting off down the wing, roared on by the still delirious crowd

4). Anya then rolls a delicate pass into the path of Fernando Forestieri, a player fond of dribbling down blind alleys at the best of times, but not this time, he drops his shoulder and goes past the full-back to clip a lovely inviting cross to the back post

5). But who’s on the end of that cross? None other than defensive midfielder Jonathan Hogg, not exactly known for his composure in front of goal, but somehow, after a lung-bursting 80-yard run, he finds the presence of mind to nod it back into the middle as the crowd deliver the loudest collective intake of breath ever recorded...

6). DEEENNNEEEYYYYYYY! DO NOT SCRATCH YOUR EYES! YOU REALLY ARE SEEING THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY FINISH HERE, were the now immortal words from commentator Bill Leslie, and everything that follows is a blur.