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David Trezeguet: River Plate v Ferro 2012


Chosen by Cecilia Lagos as her favourite ever goal:

Can you fall in love with a goal?

During their historic one-year stay in the second division, back in the 2011-12 season, River Plate of Argentina swore to fight with their best squad to make a swift return to the first tier. For that purpose, they were able to sign Argentinian-French world champion David Trezeguet. For him it wasn’t about money, of course not.

It was about love for the club he supported his whole life, it was about the honour of the task. This goal… If you think, it’s very simple: A long corner kick from the right to the centre of the box, a clearance and a volley. Oh, my… but what a volley. Trezeguet sees the ball after the clearance, runs back to the far left corner entrance of the box to get the rebound, half profiled, with a twist of his waist, full instep, and boom! 3-0 against Ferro. You can actually see the ball cutting the air in two. That’s exactly what makes me crazy about this goal. The ball spins on its own axis, slowly cutting the air in diagonal to the right vertex of the goal, like a razor.

Can you fall in love with a goal? Just watch this one. You’ll know you can.

Cecilia Lagos is a freelance football correspondent in Europe. Columnist. Event Host. She has collaborated, among others, for FIFA, TUDNUSA, ESPN, BBC, The Tactical Room, TVN.

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