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Clint Dempsey: Fulham v Juventus 2010


Our infographic football posters map out iconic goals as art prints. Hang the moment Clint Dempsey scored on a famous night for Fulham against Juventus in the Europa League on the wall. The perfect gift for any Fulham football fan.

Frame not included.

Chosen by Fulham Fan TV as their favourite ever goal:

This was some night to behold with Fulham trailing the mark. A miracle was needed on the night to see them past big dogs Juventus. 

Dempsey’s goal was more than a goal as it put us on the path to greatness. His goal came in the 82nd minute with an amazing chip which we can guarantee nobody thought would land in the back of the net. Boy where we proven wrong! What a night, can’t describe the scenes of joy that followed with every fan singing the famous “we are going on a European tour” song. 

From the stands of the Hammersmith end, it was electric. We can’t begin to describe the emotion and joy that was felt by all, it was a sense of real jaw dropping awe. This was a special team which will live in the hearts of the fans forever. Words can’t do the goal justice, sometimes you just had to be there to feel and experience it all.