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Andrey Arshavin: Arsenal v Liverpool 2009


Our infographic football posters map out iconic sporting moments as art prints. Hang the moment Andrey Arshavin scored his fourth in a pulsating game against Liverpool on the wall - the perfect gift for any Arsenal football fan.

Frame not included.

Chosen by Andy Haynes as their favourite ever goal:

I kind of fell in love with Andrei Arshavin when I saw him lead a scrappy Russian squad to the semifinals at the 2008 Euros. So I was obviously ecstatic to see his signing back when Arsenal would sign exciting new players. He didn't really have any consistency, but when he did it was magical, this small eccentric Slav summoning some kind of Brazilian ghost, beating defences with startling speed. In this game he scored a hat trick, but it was the final goal, fed by Theo Walcott, that he crushed past the Reds keeper that stood out. Kind of encapsulates a time back when we did that time of thing... Alas, I'm in too deep now.