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James Dillon

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1) If you could do the artwork for one classic football song (SONG, not chant) what would it be?
Nessun Dorma. Italia 90 was the first World Cup I properly remember, playing football and pretending to be platt or Baggio or Schillachi playing in the park with my mates. That tournament ignited my love with football and that song is synonymous with that time.
2) An old design you are proud of
Ronaldinho. I did this for my son who idolises R10 but it also got retweeted and replied to by R10 which blew his mind! My phone went crazy! It maybe a simple thing but it happened during lockdown (which my boy was struggling with just like everyone else) and it felt wonderful for him to have that moment. It was a real boost in the arm for him.
3) A recent design you are proud of
This is a WIP that I’ve put a lot of hours in to (and it’s still not finished!) but I’m still proud of it. It’s not really my bag but I’ve challenged myself to see if I can do it and I’m pleased so far… hopefully I won’t mess it up from here!
4) Someone else’s design you love (in the football world)
I love this piece from Dan Leydon. All his work is great but there’s something about this that just communicates the other side of football. Most stuff you see is about triumph, victory, energy, celebration. This captures the other side perfectly. Disappointment, exhaustion, broken dreams. I’m a spurs fan so perhaps that’s why it resonates so hard.
5) Someone else’s design you love (outside of the football world)
 Malika Favre is an extraordinary illustrator. This piece gained a lot of recognition because it’s such a simple but still powerful composition/idea. But everything she does is just wonderful. A brilliant communicator.
6) Question you would like to ask the next designer interviewed? 
Talk us through the best goal you’ve ever watched or scored and how you would capture it artistically