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Joeri Gosens: My Favourite Goal - The Goal Hanger

Joeri Gosens: My Favourite Goal

It's the club I've been supporting since I was young, I'm a season-ticket holder there and I occasionally visit away games, not too long ago we were relegated twice but also came back really soon twice. But we're towards the lower parts of the league, so in the year of the goal I sent you we were in the Eredivisie and our rivals, NAC, were a division lower.

At the end of the season we were in a bad position and in the Netherlands we got 1 direct relegation and 2 Eredivisie teams who play the relegation playoffs, we were in a relegation playoff spot and in the end we were matched up against our rivals for the final, we could go down, they could go up, first game of the leg was played away from home and we were better but lost 2-1.

So then the final game was there, there was a special atmosphere in the stadium and this goal was our first goal, and as soon as the goal was scored it was halftime, so the celebrations from the goal including one big crazy party continued all the way through half-time, I've never experienced something like that ever again.

Words From Joeri @FootyGraphic

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