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Dianna Al Shammari: My Favourite Goal - The Goal Hanger

Dianna Al Shammari: My Favourite Goal

For a player like Arjen Robben, playing in a Champions League final was not foreign territory, he had two previous experiences in 2010 and 2012 – unfortunately resulting with a loss on both occasions and settling for the runners-up medals. If the expression “third time’s a charm” could describe a person’s determination perfectly, it would be Arjen Robben and the Champions League trophy.

After the heartbreaking loss to Chelsea on penalties at the Allianz Arena in the 2012 final, winning the Champions League seemed like a distant dream – especially for Robben – since he missed a crucial penalty in the first half of extra time that would’ve sealed the deal then and there. That day was devastating. To be so close to winning then have it all crumble down is something almost every football fan has experienced at least once in their lives.

That’s why when Bayern made it to the final in 2013, the dream was alive once again. This time, we were determined more than ever to break away from losing another final. Playing against our most hated rivals – and in such an iconic stadium – set the stage for the perfect final. Then to have Arjen Robben score a late winner to clinch the Champions League title and complete that 2013 historic treble was one of the most emotional matches I have ever experienced in my life. Especially after the heartbreak of the previous year. Arjen Robben will always be remembered as Mr. Wembley among Bayern fans for his heroics in 2013.

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