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Michael Cox: My Favourite Goal - The Goal Hanger

Michael Cox: My Favourite Goal

This Rooney strike was a brilliant counter-attack with so many fascinating elements. I love, in chronological order - 
(a) the fact Park chips the ball delicately to Rooney, rather than just smashing it clear as so many would do. 
(b) the fact Rooney is playing as a false nine, popularising that role in England, creating space then exploiting it
(c) Nani's dribble is very intelligent, he slows it slightly so others can provide support
(d) Park has made an 80-yard run down the left which doesn't involve him touching the ball again after his initial chip, but it works perfectly as it drags away Vermaelen to create space for the goal
(e) The finish is a lovely crisp strike into the far corner.
Michael Cox is a football writer @TheAthleticUK. Also author of The Mixer (2017) & Zonal Marking (2019) fan. Follow him here:  @Zonal_Marking
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