Steven Gerrard: Liverpool v Olympiakos


My Favourite Goal. From Matty Todd

The year is 2004, Rafa Benitez's first year in charge of Liverpool, Dribril Cisse, Xabi Alonso and Luis Garcia have been added to Gerard Houllier's squad from 2003-2004. It's the final Champions League group game vs Olympiacos, a 24 year old Steven Gerrard is captain, Igor Biscan, Florent Sinama-Pongolle and Neil Mellor are also among the matchday squad. At the same time I'm sat at home with my sadly departed father, I'm 16, dreaming of Champions League glory. One of my all time favourite Brazilians makes it 1-0, Rivaldo, which means we need to win 3-1 to make it out of the group.

The aforementioned Pongolle and Mellor make it 2-1, then it happens... "Mellor nods it down to Gerrard... ohhh you beauty!!! What a hit son, what a hit!" - Andy Gray's infamous commentary, Anfield erupts, as does our house, my Dad's Heineken hits the ceiling, my mum is fuming but it doesn't matter because we've done it. Weeks later all me and my mates are still doing is practicing that half volley every chance we get. Screaming "What a hit son" every time anyone gets a decent connection. My favourite goal, I'm almost 30 and it still gives me goosebumps.

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