Sergio Aguero: Man City v QPR


My Favourite Goal. From Joe at the City Xtra team

13th May 2012. 93:03 on the clock. Nigel De Jong picks the ball up and runs over the halfway line. My head is in my hands as the Manchester United game ends at the Stadium of Light.The score is 2-2 at home to QPR and, as things currently stand, United are Champions. Manchester City have blown their best chance at a title in over 30 years. Typical City, this.

Sergio Aguero comes deep to pick the ball up from De Jong. He turns and passes it to Mario Balotelli on the edge of the area who slips but cushions his solitary assist for the club to the Argentine who had made a run into the area. Aguero stutters on the ball, taking it away from the sliding defender and setting himself up for the shot. "AGUEROOOOOOO!"

93:20 on the clock 3-2 to city. The stadium erupts, Aguero waves his shirt around his head before he's lost under a pile of team-mates, Mancini runs around his technical area with his hands in his pockets, Phil Jones' face drops. Man City are Premier League champions - it's a reality. To have the title so close to being lost, only to snatch it out of your local rivals' hands in the dying seconds... well, in the words of Martin Tyler, "I swear you'll never see anything like this ever again." 

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