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Yoni Weisberg

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1) Question from previous designer: Are there any clubs you refuse to do designs of?
To be honest that question was kind of put to bed long before I started working professionally as a designer. As well as doing football illustration and design I work as a director of TV commercials and brand films and some of my first clients were Man United, Man City, Everton - so as a Liverpool fan I've already worked for a lot of the clubs I grew up rooting against.
Yoni Weisberg Football Designer
2) An old design you are proud of
This is very much a straight digital design featuring my own photography, but I have always been very happy with this poster I did for a Ubisoft documentary that was inspired by one of their Ghost Recon videogames. I feel like it really captured the intertwining narratives within the film. It wasn't the final design they went with but that doesn't make me any less happy with it.
3) A recent design you are proud of
I think that would have to be the piece I created to celebrate Liverpool finally winning the league title. I was in a hotel room at Stanstead Airport when Chelsea beat City to hand us the title and I knew that I had to find a way to express all of the joy that 19/20 team gave me, the response to the final piece has been incredible.
4) Someone else’s design you love (in the football world)
César Moreno's work on 100 Genios del Balón is something I always think of. To capture the essence of so many iconic players is amazing and the colours used throughout are so vibrant - it's a wonderful body of work.
5) Someone else’s design you love (outside of the football world)
I feel like I could list a million different artists and pieces of work here, but I'm going to go with Olly Moss and his Star Wars original trilogy series. I think they exemplify everything that is so brilliant and unique about his work. As an artist his craft is impeccable, but it's his creativity and ideas that really captivate and confound me.
6) Question you would like to ask the next designer interviewed? 
If you could do the artwork for one classic football song (SONG, not chant) what would it be?
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