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Matthew J Wood

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1) What is it that gives you inspiration to keep doing what you are doing?
Before going to uni to study graphic design I spent 10 years working in restaurants and bars which I loved (for a while), but I realise how lucky I am now to spend my time drawing stadiums now.
2) An old design you are proud of
Selhurst Park - The Holmesdale. This was the first football ground design I produced - it was done as a gift for a mate which I thought I'd add to my website shop. I didn't expect the great reception it got from Palace fans which led to me producing more.
3) A recent design you are proud of
Maine Road - Old Kippax. I really like this image of the Kippax, in particular the way the light falls on the terrace
4) Someone else’s design you love (in the football world)
Matthew Shipley's illustrations are great, particularly in his G Is For Golazo children's book
5) Someone else’s design you love (outside of the football world)
I love Cassandre's Normandie - his heightened use of perspective has been a big influence on my work
6) Question you would like to ask the next designer interviewed? 
Are there any clubs you refuse to do designs of?
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