Ben Watson: Wigan v Man City


My Favourite Goal. From Jonny Adamson

I'm a Wigan Athletic fan and I've been supporting them for about 20 years. I started to go regularly when I was about 10-11 when they moved into the JJB Stadium, although I do have faint memories of Springfield park. It's very difficult to choose one, but my favourite has to be Ben Watson's FA Cup winner in 2013. As soon as the ball went out I remember I screamed for a penalty but it went for a corner...

I turned to my girlfriend (soon to be wife) and said "If we score now we've done i... " and before I could finish my sentence, Ben Watson's ginger head popped up and flicked it over Joe Hart to win the game, and Wigan's first major trophy. I was crying. I turned to my Dad and Brother and they were both crying. I looked around and have never seen so many grown men with tears in their eyes. We were proper underdogs that day and no one gave us a chance. I didn't give us a chance! This is what football is all about.

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